Along with social media, mobile devices represent a fundamental shift in the way we consume content; text, images, audio and video. It's been said for some markets, 50% of the content is being consumed on mobile devices with screens between 4" and 10". 

IDP2 allows our clients to choose the content that is published to mobile, manage that content and use the mobile application to communicate with your community in immediate, personal and intimate ways. Mobile Applications allow the user to browse and consume targeted content in an application that separates your content from the "noise" of email and social media.  

IDP2 mobile applications support channels of content that each user can subscribe to. Subscribed content channels create notifications that alert the user when new content is published. IDP2 provides the publishing capability to allow content managers to create and upload their content once and have it published automatically to web, social and mobile channels. This content publishing capability simplifies the publishing process, minimizes the risk of error and ensures that all distribution channels receive content on-time.