Integrated Digital Publishing Platform (IDP2)

At Soft Dimensions, our mission is to help you reach your customers, members, readers and constituents through effective, Digital Publishing. We are one of the first software / content management vendors to offer the market a complete solution; we call it the Soft Dimensions Integrated Digital Publishing Platform (IDP2).

  • Integrated: We address all aspects of data, content publishing and delivery through multiple delivery channels. We don’t just build websites and applications; we offer our clients complete content publishing and management solutions.
  • Digital : Our solution leverages the power of the Cloud; the fastest, most cost effective way to communicate with your audience.
  • Publishing: While good design captures the reader’s attention, Content is King! Our publishing solution integrates multiple content distribution channels and gives you the tools to measure and maximize each channel’s effectiveness and understand who you are engaging and how you are reaching them.
  • Platform: There are plenty of firms that build websites or design Wordpress templates that dress up your blog. While we can also do that, we offer much more…a complete digital platform to allow you to manage and publish data and content to your community using processes and tools that allow you to publish content once and distribute it to the web, social media and mobile devices with one click.

Business, Churches and Non-profits of all sizes have a message for the world. For some, it's a product or service for sale. For others, it's a message or call to the world that needs to be heard. The majority of these organizations operate on limited budgets with small teams of people who wear multiple hats, manage competing priorities and are looking for solutions that move business forward.

At Soft Dimensions, our Integrated Digital Publishing Platform (IDP2) gets your message, product and service to market through multiple formats and distribution channels. IDP2allows you to create content once and publish it to multiple web, social media and mobile platforms simultaneously. IDP2 allows our clients to reach their customers where they are on their device-of-choice with content they care about. 

Using analytics and publishing technology, we are able to track visitors from all Internet, social and mobile platforms. Soft Dimensions analytics provide our clients insight into which delivery platforms are most effective in reaching their audience. Targeted, effective metrics allow you to track, analyze and tune your content strategy for maximum effectiveness.